Lampion Pictures

We provide services including digital compositing, 3D, animation,management of creative projects or even full postproduction services with the involvement of our contracted partners.

Our team is motivated by challenges, discussing new and working on on-going projects always excites us.


Lampion Pictures is a Visual Effects company located in Budapest, Hungary; specialized for providing services for the international Film and Television industries.

  • Digital Compositing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Graphics & Animation
  • On-set supervision
  • Online Media Services
  • Feature Film VFX
  • Television, Commercials
  • Music Video Production
  • Share human resources

We always welcome new clients and we are looking forward to discussing your project and doing business with you. Send us an email with your enquiry and one of our colleagues will get in touch with you shortly.


Our vision is to become a leading company in fair trades, flexible services and high-level quality of work.

We strive to build strong relationships both when we cooperate as a team in big projects and when sharing resources.

We see the benefits of working together with our competitors – this can make all of us even stronger in accomplishing projects that could not have been possible alone. We see this as a great opportunity to learn from and help each other, bringing all of us one step closer to the final goal: to create something remarkable.


  • Listening to you and understand your requirements
  • Knowledge of the entire pipeline so that we can define the necessary and proper questions
  • Skillset to give you something exceptional
  • Flexibility to react on the last-minute changes
  • Continuous improvement of our know-hows, processes
  • Teamwork: very strong team with individuals who can make a change together


For all business enquiries please contact us here.


Some reels are personal references presented by Lampion Pictures. Lampion Pictures did not produce all the featured works.


Phone: +36 20 518 2008

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